Covid-19 - Our Team is Ready.

Covid-19 - We are READY.

"HT Strenger Plumbing - " The New Normal "."

HT Strenger Plumbing has served The Northern Illinois Community since 1911. In every difficult time H.T. has maintained its leadership position for Residential Plumbing. H.T has always been prepared and ready to provide the Finest Professional Services at the best value. Regardless of External Circumstance our Clients have always depended on us to deliver the services they request. This difficult time will be no different.

Following are some possible concerns and additional information.

The Coronavirus has impacted the lives of all of our clients. HT Strenger has from the beginning held the safety and health of our employees, their families, our Clients and their families front and center with everything that we do. WE have maintained safe and healthy work conditions in our work zones. We have promoted and enhanced cleaning and disinfection routines. We are making positive changes to sustain and maintain our critical plumbing services operations. We are finding new ways to improve the response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As of 03.24.2020 we have made No Changes to Our Contact Information or Hours of Operation or Scheduling Process. As always if calling after hours you will be automatically directed to our Trained Answering Service. This Service can immediately dispatch an HT Strenger Service Technician for "Round the Clock - 24 Hour - Emergency Services"

Employee Guidlines are in Place.

Everyone at HT STrenger Plumbing is routinely following CDC Protection Guidlines & Protection Protocols. Everyone is encouraged to monitor their health for possible signs flu like symptoms, anyone that has been exposed or unprotected will be asked to stay home until they have been medically deemed non-contagious.

Our Service Technicians are thoroughly prepared and will take the proper safety precautions when visiting clients in their homes. We want our Clients and Customer to know we are available and ready to service any household plumbing emergency or project without leaving the comfort of their home.

We are ready to listen, let us know how we can serve you. We are ready to follow your personal safety guidelines completely.

Often times a Plumbing Service call does not involve entering the home. Outdoor Plumbing and Many Indoor Plumbing Projects can be completed with no face to face contact. Our technician will follow all safety precautions, maintain a safe distance from residents, and clean work environment, wear gloves, proper masks if needed and disinfect work area when completed.

Be assured that we are taking the necessary steps for the safety and well being of our clients and employees. We wish you good health and safety in the days and weeks ahead, and we thank you for your continued support.

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